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First Calf Pairs for Sale in Lemhi, ID

April Born Calves, Good Flesh and Ship in June.

Breed/Color: 100% Black Angus
Approx Head Count: 88
Base Weight: 1200
Approx Shipping Date: Wednesday, June 12, 2024
Calving Dates: April 1- May 15
  • Final Price:  $3,700.00
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Payment Instructions
Livestock Payment Terms: Livestock Payments will be made in Escrow prior to shipping the livestock. Funds will be held in Escrow until after the Livestock are Shipped to the Buyer. Buyer has 24 Hours to Inspect Livestock before Funds are released to the Seller. Contact Boe Robbie @ 406.855.0051 for Sales information or questions regarding payment.
Representative and Contact Number
Rick Taylor - 406.381.2148

Kind and Sex
2 YO Cow/Calf Pairs

Per Head

Approx Head Count

Base Weight

Approximate Shipping Date
Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Breeds or Color Percentages
100% Black Angus

Frame Size
Medium Frame - Mature Cow WT 1275-1375

Flesh Condition


8-Way & Multi-Min, Banded at Birth

98% off 1 MT Ranch, 2% Off another group.

Feed Program
Fed second cutting Alfalfa Hay

2 miles West of Lemhi, ID

2 YO Cows with April-May Born Calves

Readable Tattoo
100% Legible

Calving Dates
April 1- May 15

Breeding Method and Sires
Calves are sired by sons of: Stevenson Turning Point, Sitz Stellar 726, RainFall, Alpine, Bravo 6313, Charlo

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Breeding Stock Tags
Natural Service Sired (Bull Bred),AngusXAngus

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88 pairs! 2-year-old, First-Calf pairs from Lemhi, Idaho, ready to ship in early June. They are 100% Black Angus cows with calves born between April 1 and May 25. The cows were originally purchased as calves from two northern ranches and then developed at Rick Taylor's yard in Stevensville, Montana. About 95% of them originate from the Arrowhead Ranch, a reputation ranch with a quality cow herd.

(NOTE: Video has several age groups shown together. We encourage you to come to the ranch and take a look!)

The cows are estimated to mature at around 1350-1400 lbs, providing a solid cow suited for most commercial programs. They have been fed top-quality second-cutting alfalfa, carrying good flesh and condition. The calves will be born over a +/- 50-day window, from April 1 to May 25, on good, dry ground, ensuring limited health issues.

Each calf is tagged to match its mother, and they receive 8-way and Multi-min shots to promote robust health. Additionally, bull calves are banded, and none of the calves are branded. The sires of the calves are sons of notable Angus Programs, including Stevenson Turning Point, Sitz Stellar 726, SAV RainFall, Sitz Alpine, Coleman Bravo 6313, and Coleman Charlo 0256, providing a strong genetic lineage.

When buying pairs directly from a ranch, you avoid the hassle of and risk of calving heifers (No one likes to do it!). The pairs are taken straight from pasture at their home ranch and delivered to grass on your ranch, minimizing stress and health risks. AND Because they're shipped in early June, there's little work for you—just put them out on grass and let them grow over the summer.

These 2-year-old heifers were developed on good feed, and have the entirety of their productive years are ahead of them! With quality Black Angus foundation genetics, they're ready to roll right into your breeding program. If you want to add reliable, low-maintenance cow factories to your herd, these pairs are a great choice!

Priced at $3,700 per pair, an opportunity to add quality to your herd. Ideally would like to sell as 1 lot but could possibly sell in 44 head truck loads. If you're interested in learning more or would like to come look at the pairs, Please call or text Rick Taylor - (406) 381-2148

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Pairs shipping a long distance will be loaded in the evening so they are only off their mothers overnight and pair up easier the next day.

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