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Livestock SOLD: 50,765 Head

Escrow Transactions: $32+ Million

Monthly Online Users: 4,800+ Users

Montana Cattle Market Report

Sold in Kind/Sex WT Range Price Range Ship Date
June Unweaned STRS 425 $224 Sep-Oct
June Unweaned STRS 500-570 $203-$216 Sep-Oct
June Unweaned STRS 575-635 $197-$211 Sep-Oct
June Unweaned STRS 640-750 $190-$207 Sep-Oct
June Yearling STRS 815-835 $173-$176 June
June Yearling STRS 950 $156 July
June Yearling PVP STRS 940-1010 $166-$174 June-August
June Unweaned HFRS 420 $193 Sep-Oct
June Unweaned HFRS 500-550 $182-$190 Sep-Oct
June Unweaned HFRS 575-640 $167-$183 Sep-Oct
June Unweaned HFRS 650-660 $171-$182 Sep-Oct
June Yearling HFRS 610-750 $163-$175 June-Aug
June Yearling HFRS 760-815 $152-$158 June-Aug
June Yearling HFRS 825-875 $152-$156 June-Aug
June Yearling HFRS 880-935 $154-$156 June-Aug
May-June Pairs 3-4 YOs $1700-$2000 May-June
May-June Pairs 5-7 YOs $1600-$1800 May-June
May-June Pairs Solid Mouth 8+ YOs $1500-$1700 May-June
May-June Pairs Broken Mouth $1400-$1600 May-June

Updated 6/24/22

Tuesday June 21st:

  • Cattle Trade - Buyers are showing strong interest in buying calves early. Lower numbers will incite more competition among feeder buyers. Contact us if you are looking to get calves sold!
  • Corn - $7.30 is an important level to maintain for both sides. This could create some choppy action around this level. Feels top heavy to me, be prepared for another breakdown. I expect corn production to be strong but worldwide demand is anticipated to be strong as well.
  • Feeder Futures - Be prepared for the $172-$178 (Sep) & $174-$180 (Oct) range to stay intact. Bulls could get a win by posting some bids in the 180s to start the new uptrend.
  • Live Futures - Bulls can keep the momentum going above last weeks highs $152.75/155.75 (Feb/Apr). Anticipating more upside but bulls could reload on a dip. Support remains at last weeks level of $151/$154 Feb/Apr.


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