Marketing the Real Value of your Program to get the Best Price!

ConneXion Livestock Marketing specializes in representing producers and marketing their cattle to buyers across the US. ConneXion is different from other marketing companies and meets the needs of Cattlemen in a changing industry.

We offer the personal relationship of a local buyer with the marketing power & financial security of a national company. This hybrid platform combines the best practices across multiple industries in marketing and technology to be a ConneXion between Buyers and Sellers.

Think of Us like Real Estate Agents, except with cattle!

  1. We gather market information for you to properly price your product for the most value
  2. Get videos and herd information to advertise to buyers across the nation
  3. Bring the buyers and offers to you and negotiate a contract with both parties
  4. Set up a final delivery date to close the deal
  5. Facilitate Payment with a 100% Guaranteed Escrow Service!

How It Works:

  1. Contact a ConneXion Broker or Fill out one of the forms above so we can start a price valuation of your cattle.
  2. A Broker will contact you with the estimated price valuation and talk about a strategy for you.
  3. If you decide to market your cattle with ConneXion, the Broker will set up a time to come video the cattle and get any other final information we need to sell them effectively.
  4. Cattle contract with video will be listed on the Show List or added to the Auction Catalog.
  5. When the Cattle are Sold, our brokers will set up delivery dates and organize buyer and payment information.
  6. Brokers will be present on shipping day to make sure all contract specifications are met. Payment will be wired via Guaranteed Escrow account.

Can We Answer Your Questions?

Sales Information -

In the ConneXion Marketing Program, there is only a percentage commission on the sale of your cattle.
  • FREE to get an evaluation of what your cattle are worth in the Current Market
  • FREE to have a professional come out and video your cattle
  • FREE to Consign to an Auction or to be Listed on the Show List
  • 2% Commission on the Sale of Feeder Cattle and 3% on Breeding Stock. We only get paid when we get a deal done for you!

You get to price the cattle yourself!
ConneXion gives you an estimated valuation report of your cattle using the futures markets and breakeven analysis from custom feeding companies, along with a market report of what other calves are selling for in your area. ConneXion will have a suggested price for your calves and an expected value range, however, you get the final say in how your cattle are priced. Be aware that pricing cattle too far above the market will most likely chase buyers away.
In an Auction situation, cattle will sell with no reserve. Selling unreserved maximizes buyer interest and creates more competition leading to higher prices. ConneXion will of course take input from the seller but pricing cattle too high in an auction situation limits buyer interest and draws fewer bidders. When you sell cattle at a live auction, they'll start the price at zero if needed to get a bid. We will make sure that your cattle bring market value and we never let anyone get cheated on price!

As much as we would like to be able to hand out Cash Bids to everyone, we cannot control the market. However, ConneXion does guarantee the best possible environment, tools and techniques to expose the real value of your cattle to a large network of quality buyers to give you the best chance at the highest prices within any given market.
Let me ask you this...
If you were able to Show a Buyer:
  1. A real quality look at your calves with professional video
  2. Outline all the work and dedication you put in to your nutrition and vaccination programs
  3. Give them the confidence through your genetic programs and goals for producing a quality, uniform set of calves with performance

Wouldn't they pay you the best price possible for your calves?

The time it takes to sell depends on the cattle, price, and the market. I have had cattle sold within 45 minutes of leaving the ranch, but most of the cattle sell within 10 days after being put on the Show List. Sometimes it takes time to find the right buyer, or we might be a little too early to the market. Cattle are left on the Show List for 24 days. If a set doesn't sell within that time, it means that we need to adjust our strategy, either by reducing our price, changing some lot details or getting better video.

There's no obligation to sell through ConneXion if you get a valuation of what your cattle are worth. If you choose to sell with ConneXion and want us to come video the cattle, all we ask for is a fair chance to sell them. Let us list your cattle for 24 days (even though it rarely takes that long) and if we can't sell them in 24 days, you may choose to take your marketing efforts elsewhere. Like we said above, think of us like a Real Estate Agent, it is in your best interest to work together!

About ConneXion -

ConneXion is a Family Business operated by the Robbie Family: Scott, Mitzi and Boe Robbie. Our Family has been in the Cattle Marketing Business for over 25 Years, delivering Experience, Integrity and Innovation! Our combined experiences, in different livestock ventures, Cattle Feeding and Independent Order Buying, has given us plenty of experience so we can better help our customers on both sides. Our family's "Legacy of Caring" is traced back to Scott's Grandfather, Franklin, who founded the Yellowstone Boys & Girls Ranch in Billings, MT. Finally, our Innovations have come with the creation of the ConneXion Livestock Platform and the cutting edge techniques used to market livestock across the United States.

You can do so much more! While our Primary business is marketing feeder cattle year-round, ConneXion has proven to be one of the elite marketers for breeding stock, at times getting some of the highest prices for bred cows in the nation! But it doesn't stop there! We have ran Production Bull Sales, County Fair 4-H Sales, Show Pig Auctions, Colt Sales, and the REAL Ranch Horse Invitational Sale.

With ConneXion, we help you do the 3 most important things that help you to get the best price!

1. REPRESENT the cattle accurately & properly to give confidence to buyers now and in the future!

  • Give the most accurate information possible about your management, genetics, health, and nutrition program! This information helps buyers to know exactly what they are getting!

  • With ConneXion, you get a Full Web Page with Descriptions, Write-ups, Documents, Photos and Video, dedicated to only your cattle. Better than a 3x3" Square in a 100 page catalog right?

  • If possible, include any historical data about past delivery weights, past feedlot performance, finishing weights and carcass quality if available. This important data gives buyers a better idea of how the cattle will perform so they can more accurately forecast costs, opportunities and revenue! Also, Don't forget to get a Test Weight! It's well worth your time and effort!

  • Quality Video! - We can't stress enough how important quality video is to give buyers a real-life look at what they are buying. This is the only physical representation they will get before the cattle arrive.

2. EXPOSE the value of your program to the right kind of buyers who value quality!

  • Calling 3 or 4 cattle buyers and trying create competition barely ever works. It's an auction with only 3 or 4 buyers bidding you less!
  • ConneXion will actively Market your cattle online to thousands of potential buyers who value quality! Through targeted marketing across multiple platforms, we will reach the right buyer for you!

  • Our world class Buyer base has buyers registered from 29 states and most of them across the heart of the cattle feeding region, and we get new buyers signing up every month!

  • Reaching Big Commercial feedlots isn't enough to create competition either. Commercial yards are only looking for cattle of an average quality UNDER a certain price. It's all about volume. That's why big commercial yards like the big videos, there is a certain standard of quality and they can get lots of cattle bought under their price limit all in one shot.

3. Make it Easy for Buyers to COMPETE for your cattle!

  • If Buyers have to filter through 100 pages of a catalog, somehow pick yours out of 100,000 head and happen to catch the two minutes that you're on the block, is that really the best for you?

  • With Either the "Show List" or "Online Exchange" Marketing Options, ConneXion makes it easy for buyers to view and purchase your cattle online!

  • If you work with a country order buyer, how many feeders will they contact about your cattle? 10? 20? Actually, it may only be 4 or 5. Then, they probably won't make them bid against each other.
  • Your cattle will be listed until we can get a deal done for you. Our Show List is marketed weekly to thousands of feeders and buyers across the United States. No one can market your cattle better! Better than hoping everyone is watching your 2 minutes of Glory on the Auction Block right?

Our Network of over 1,000 registered Buyers includes all kinds of different sized operations across 29 States!
  • Cattle Feeders with capacities ranging from 60 head to 100,000 head!
    • Our Primary Feeder Buyers are from Family Farms & Feeding Operations across ND, SD, CO, MN, IA, NE, KS
  • Yearling Buyers and Grazing Programs also span across ID, MT, WA, CA, WY

These Buyers are looking for cattle across the whole spectrum! These are some particular interests of a few of our buyers...

  • Charolais Crosses
  • Herefords Only
  • 1,000 lbs Yearlings
  • 300 lbs Calves
  • Feeding Cows
  • GAP or Natural Program Cattle
  • Weaned Grass Calves

It Doesn't Matter! We can find the buyers for any class or program!

Our team and our company protects our customers every step of the way. ConneXion is a licensed fiduciary, meaning that we are bound not only by our personal integrity but by law to act in the best interest of our customers at all times. This includes being present at every delivery to ensure contract specifications are met, and any adjustments are agreed to by all 3 parties, and your proceeds are calculated accurately. We further protect our customers in the event of breach of contract or failure to perform by the other party. The best protection is by Representing your product accurately, qualifying buyers to the highest standards, and transacting the proceeds through an Escrow Account. You are 100% protected in any transaction with ConneXion. Our Payment standards EXCEED those of any other livestock marketing firm in the NATION!

There is not a long list of reps as there is with most big video sales. Our buyers like that we put eyes on all the cattle we market and trust us to represent them right! Like we say above, this is a family business, so you are most likely going to deal with Boe Robbie or Scott Robbie. Throughout the process you may also have contact with Mitzi Robbie, who handles all the Office Work. Our small and focused team allows us to focus better on the individual needs of our customers. From the price evaluation, videoing, pricing, marketing and finally on shipping day, either Boe or Scott will be there to help you all along the way.

ConneXion offers great options for you as a cattle producer to market your livestock and we are always innovating new solutions. You get to pick how you sell because there are advantages to each method!
  • Show List - Negotiated Marketing
  • Online Auctions - Price Discovery
  • Special Sales - Herd Dispersion Sales Special for a Single Seller

Just like the old days of dealing with a country buyer, but with all the benefits of nation-wide, online exposure! You give us the information and tell us the asking price, we'll handle the rest! This gives you the opportunity to sell your cattle at any time! You now have the ability to sell with the highs of the market without being hostage to the market on the "Scheduled Sale Day." I know you have seen differences in prices between sales days, even the time of day! For example, a 3-day video sale might sell low on Monday, higher on Tuesday and lower again on Wednesday. Have you ever heard anyone say, "Well if my cattle would've sold on the second day they would've sold better!"
The Show List is a "Fixed Price" List of different cattle for sale. Your cattle are listed on ConneXion Livestock for all of our buyer network to see. We will take professional video, describe the cattle with all information available to us, and then write a full contract describing your weighing conditions, shrinks, slides and shipping dates (just like a video sale contract) BUT YOU PICK THE PRICE!
From here, we actively market those cattle to thousands of buyers who have interest in cattle like yours. An interested buyer may choose to "Buy Now", in which they buy the cattle for the full asking price Or, they may choose to Make an Offer, in which your rep will contact you with the bid. You can choose to accept, reject or counter the offer. These Bids are only good for the day, but we will continue to negotiate with respect for time to both parties.

The Online Auctions have all the benefits of the live auction, and MORE! At the end of every month, ConneXion hosts a "Click-To-Bid" Auction featuring all classes of cattle. Deadline to consign is 14 days prior to the auction so we can do our best to get your cattle out in front of as many potential bidders as possible. By congregating buyers, we create competition that drives prices higher! But that's not all...
On the Sale Day, Bidding opens early in the morning and close late in the day. A bidder can place a bid on any set of cattle, anytime, from anywhere! A buyer can place these bids, then walk away, not having to watch the final moments if they are busy. ConneXion's automated bidding features keeps buyers in when someone bids against them. They simply place their max bids and the computer does the rest! Our Automated system ensures you never miss a bidder!
A traditional auction only allows bids on your cattle while they are on the block. This means on average, you only have 2 minutes of exposure! Think about a big video sale, how are buyers supposed to sort though a 100 page catalog, and pick yours out of 100,000 head? THEN you have to hope they are watching during your 2 minute bidding window!

All Livestock Sales through ConneXion are transacted through an Escrow Trust Account. An Escrow Account is a regulated account to protect two parties during high dollar transactions.

ConneXion has a fiduciary responsibility and is non-partial third party who acts with the interest of both buyers and sellers in mind to make sure both parties and the complex sales arrangements are satisfied.

Here's How Payments Work:

  1. Upon successful Purchase/Winning Bid for Livestock, $100 per head partial payment is due from Buyer. ConneXion will pay $90 per head to the Seller as down payment and hold $10 per head as deposit on commission.
  2. Prior to shipping day, the Buyer must pay 100% of Gross Contract amount less Down Payment into the Escrow Trust.
  3. ConneXion Representative and Seller will weigh, sort and slide the cattle like any other delivery according to contract terms.
  4. Cattle will ship to the Buyer. Buyer has a 24 hour inspection period from the time the cattle ship. Upon approval from Buyer, exact sale proceeds will be wired to seller's account.

ConneXion's Online Platform is revolutionizing the way cattlemen buy and sell livestock. Our Escrow Trust offers a 100% Guarantee of payment like no other marketing company in the nation can match!

By Wiring the funds directly to the seller, the payment is more secure and funds are available to the seller faster than a check. Personal and Certified Checks are becoming obsolete in commerce because of the rampant fraud across the country. Most banks will not even accept a certified check anymore because of the increased risk of fraud.

Learn More about Escrow Here

How Does It Work? -

No, We are expanding capabilities to market your cattle from all over the United States. We have marketed cattle from Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Colorado and even Iowa! Our growing network of buyers necessitates getting cattle from other regions during different seasons. Please contact us and we will do our best to help market your cattle effectively!

ConneXion simply wants to make fair deals between buyers and sellers in hopes of building lasting relationships. We don't want to change the way you ship the cattle, as long as the conditions are fair for both parties. There are some situations where we may suggest changes that would mutually benefit sellers and buyers, like a new ship date or different shipping location. Don't forget, we have a portable scale so we can help test weigh cattle or provide it on shipping day!

Our Mission is to Market Quality Cattle with Integrity and get the best price for our sellers. To do this, we sort the cattle to be exactly what was represented to the buyer because the buyer expects to get what he paid for. Our goal is to be as close to the Gross Contract Weight as Possible, while finding the line of best fit between uniformity, contract average weight, and head counts. We will work closely with you to best to describe, video and represent the cattle correctly at sale time and want them to be that way at delivery. Most sets of cattle need a 10% sort to make them uniform, while others take a greater sort.
We've all been there, even in the middle of April, we've froze ears on calves too. We know that sometimes it just doesn't matter how much you do, there will be a few or maybe a lot of frozen ears. Calves with frozen ears AND frozen tails CANNOT be accepted. This is because a froze up calf most likely has froze up feet and very likely lung damage as well. He may be fine on the ranch for a while, BUT it's a completely different situation at a feedlot.
At a Feedlot between 800-900 lbs, cattle get moved on to a "hot" concentrate ration to put on the last 500-600 lbs of "finish". If a calf's feet are weakened by freezing, when their bodies are subjected to a hot ration, they will likely develop Laminitis/Founder at a critical point in their lives, right around 1,200 lbs. Founder or Laminitis also does more internal damage than it does to their feet. The real problem is that a foundered steer's gut may stop functioning correctly and he will cease to gain any weight beyond 1,200 lbs. That seer was most likely projected to finish at 1400 lbs, that steer will have a net loss at this point. Not to mention, he'll be a money pit until the rest of the pen is finished and sold, resulting in a greater loss.
Foundering, coupled with hot, humid weather, adds additional strain to the calf's lungs which may be compromised because of being born in cold conditions. Hot July weather on a fat, black, lung-damaged steer isn't a good recipe for success. So, the Frozen calf's body is most likely to fail just before the finish line, making it a very expensive problem for feeders.
If a calf has MORE than 50% of the ear intact they will most likely be OK to make the truck (Situation Dependent, some buyers will refuse to take any nipped eared calves, some calves with full or nipped ears can still show signs of frozen feet or lung damage later in the feeding period). Visit with us if you have some worries about frozen ears and we'll make a plan to help you work through it. Please be candid with the frozen ears situation. If we advertise "NO frozen or nipped ears", we will not ship ANY frozen ears. We will hold cattle to the the levels you represent to us and the Buyers. If lots of calves have frozen ears, tell us, and we will sell them that way and ship them all. As long as they are represented correctly, the buyers can be OK with it if they choose to take that risk. Our buyers expect to get what they pay for!
ConneXion uses different slides for different situations and offers choices to sellers to reflect their confidence in weights and promote their cattle. We can uses different slides, cost of gain slides, or weight stops to your advantage. Every operation is different and we want to help both parties make profitable agreements!
Once again, we strive to make the cattle as close to how they were represented as possible. At delivery we want to be as close as we can to the GROSS CONTRACT WEIGHT, while finding the line of best fit between uniformity, head counts and average weight.

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