About MCC

The ConneXion Livestock Mission:

Market high-quality cattle with integrity, and promote the western way of life!

The Cattle Business is based on relationships and doing business with people you know. We know that sellers and buyers want to have a connection and or relationship with the people they are doing business with. ConneXion is a family run business just like most farms and ranches across the country. You can buy with confidence knowing that the Robbie family, our friends, customers and partners can be your ConneXion and a trusted partner when buying cattle!

We are humbled to work alongside great people! We appreciate the hard work and dedication that both ranchers and feeders put in to provide a wholesome product to the people of the world. Every operation is different and we strive to build successful and profitable relationships between Buyers and Sellers! ConneXion will continue to serve our customers and work together with them to produce quality beef because we are proud of the product that our industry provides.

Connexion is a family business ran by the Robbie Family - Scott & Mitzi, and sons Boe & Ty. We also have help from the boys' wives Miranda and Kelsie. Our core customers are family farmers and ranchers themselves so we understand the values and pride in operating a business with your family. Our focus has always been to do what is right by both buyers and sellers.

Our team is committed to building long-term relationships with our customers in hopes of a profitable future and a commitment to western traditions.

How Does It Work?

Our Story

Our family has been in the cattle marketing business for over 25 Years! Scott was born and raised in Montana around many ranching families across the state. After 2 years of college at Montana State University and finishing his college career at Western Iowa Tech, Scott worked for cattle commission firms at the Sioux City Stockyards. Scott & Mitzi were married in Iowa in 1990. Later, after their first son Boe was born, Scott & Mitzi moved back to Montana.

In 1996 Scott became an independent cattle buyer operating as Robbie Cattle Company Inc. In 2003 Scott knew he had to embrace the video marketing methods to better serve his customers and began a relationship with Northern Livestock Video. For 15 years RCCI marketed cattle with NLV until 2018.

In the last few years RCCI evolved with the help of Scott’s sons, Boe and Ty. The company has developed new modes of communication, and launched Montana Cattle / ConneXion Livestock. The company has also advanced its knowledge in the futures and commodities markets to benefit the company and their customers from a technical perspective. Today RCCI is a 100% Independent Cattle Marketing Firm, selling cattle from Montana and Wyoming to Buyers all over across the nation!

The idea of ConneXion came to Scott a decade ago, becoming a reality in early 2019 when Robbie Cattle Company had its first online sale through the ConneXion Platform.



"It Sure Makes a Difference when you know that Someone Else Cares..."

We strive for ways to better serve our customers and are always pushing for better ways to preserve the western lifestyle. Our "Legacy of Caring" is traced back to Scott’s grandfather, Franklin Robbie, founder of The Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch in Billings MT. In order to uphold our mission we host both fun and informative annual events for all ages. We want to carry on the legacy of helping people, and provide a quality service to people.


How Does It Work?

Our People

It takes a crew to deliver the quality and service we strive for! We have great respect for the people in our industry and our people know and have experienced the challenges we all face together. Feel free to contact any of our people to visit about markets or strategies!

Scott Robbie - President of RCCI.

Scott is the Head Cattle Buyer and handles Sale Barn Order Buying.


Boe Robbie - Sale Manager.

Boe leads our country cattle sales in Montana and Wyoming.


Mitzi Robbie - Administrator.

Mitzi has the most important job in the company, handling the accounting & invoicing.


Jason Swanz - Country Representative.

Jason is a third-generation rancher in the Judith Basin and is a reputation contact in the area.


Josh Becker - Country Representative.

Josh Ranches in Whitehall and is a point contact for all of Western Montana.