Sundling & Lane Ranches Annual Bred Cow Sale

1,700+ Bred Cows & Heifers Sell! Two Ranches, One Vision!

Welcome to the Sundling & Lane Ranches commercial female sale!

The Sundling and Lane families have gone to great lengths to bring you a high quality set of females. Their lifetimes of ranching in Park & Meagher Counties, between Livingston and White Sulphur Springs, Montana have given them tremendous insight to the kind of cattle that work in this northern environment. Rest assured the calf crop out of this set of females will calve easy, weigh up in the fall and be a uniform set of calves to market. Tim and Tom have worked very hard to ensure your investment is a long term investment, and that longevity is bred into these young females. With better calf markets on the horizon, it seems a perfect time to surround yourself with high quality cows that will put you in the driver’s seat for years to come. The difference between success and failure in the beef cattle business is the quality of your cow herd!


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  Starts 11/4/2022 1:00:00 AM MT
  First Lot Closes 11/19/2022 4:00:00 PM MT (# of Lots: 0)
This Auction Uses Proxy Bidding.
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