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November 20-27th - Sundling & Lane Bred Cow Sale (Archived #788316)

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This Auction Uses Proxy Bidding.

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  Lot # 788316
Breed/Color: 100% Black AngusXAngus
Approx Head Count: 40
Base Weight: 1300
Approx Shipping Date: Wednesday, December 14, 2022
Calving Dates: March 15 - May 1
  • Sold Winning Bid: $6,300.00
  • 104 Bid(s) View Bid History
  • High Bidder: Whitehall, MT
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Payment Instructions
Livestock Payment Terms: Livestock Payments will be made in Escrow prior to shipping the livestock. Funds will be held in Escrow until after the Livestock are Shipped to the Buyer. Buyer has 24 Hours to Inspect Livestock before Funds are released to the Seller. Contact Boe Robbie @ 406.855.0051 for Sales information or questions regarding payment.

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QUICK BID - Button Advances the bid by the minimum increment.

  1. Opening Bid = $1000
  2. Buyer1 clicks QUICK BID = 1st bid is in at $1000
  3. Next Bid must be $1100 (+$100) to become the lead bidder.
  4. Buyer2 clicks QUICK BID = Second bid takes the lead at $1100
  5. Buyer1 must click QUICK BID at $1200 to lead again.

PROXY BID - (Best Way to Bid) - Enter in your maximum bid and let the computer bid on your behalf ONLY if someone bids against you. No one but you can see your PROXY.

  1. Opening Bid = $1000
  2. Buyer1 enters PROXY BID of $1400
  3. Buyer1 has the leading bid at $1000
  4. Buyer2 clicks QUICK BID at $1100 (+$100)
  5. Buyer1 is automatically put in the lead at $1200 (+$100)
  6. In the Event Buyer2 QUICK BIDS up to, or enters their own PROXY at $1400, Buyer1's $1400 bid is taken in the event of a tie bid since Buyer1 Entered the $1400 PROXY first. Buyer1 leads at $1400.
  7. Buyer2 must bid at least $1500 to take the lead. At which point, Buyer1 is out and must enter a new PROXY or QUICK BID higher.
  • If 2 buyers are bidding via PROXY, the bidding will be nearly instant, moving buyers' bids up.
  • Any Buyer with a PROXY can RAISE it at anytime by entering a higher PROXY number.


  • If a buyer bids in the Final 60 seconds, the timer will ADD 60 more seconds to the countdown to the Current Lot AND every Lot after it.
  1. Buyer2 bids with 0:30 seconds remaining. 60 seconds will be added to the clock, 1min:30sec will be the new countdown time.
  2. Buyer1 may bid anytime. If Buyer1 bids between 1:30 and 1:01 the timer will continue to tick down. If Buyer1 bids at 0:45 seconds, another 60 will be added to make 1min:45sec. Etc etc...
  3. Lot #2 will NOT close before Lot #1 while bidding is still going on. All bidding must be concluded on Lot #1 before Lot #2 will close.
  4. If 90 seconds separate Lot #1 and Lot #2, they will always stay 90 seconds apart.
  • Representative and Contact Number Contact Rep
  • Approx Head Count 40
  • Base Weight 1300
  • Approximate Shipping Date Wednesday, December 14, 2022
  • Breeds or Color Percentages 100% Black AngusXAngus
  • Calving Dates March 15 - May 1

  • Lot # 788316
  • System ID # 903706
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  • Start Date
  •  651 Page Views
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