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Red Angus Cow Calf Pairs for Sale, 2-4 YOs, in Cody, WY

Young & Gentle, Red cows with Mar/Apr Calves

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Breed/Color: 100% Red Angus
Approx Head Count: 9
Approx Shipping Date: Saturday, May 25, 2024
Calving Dates: Mar 20-April 30
  • Final Price:  $3,300.00
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Livestock Payment Terms: Livestock Payments will be made in Escrow prior to shipping the livestock. Funds will be held in Escrow until after the Livestock are Shipped to the Buyer. Buyer has 24 Hours to Inspect Livestock before Funds are released to the Seller. Contact Boe Robbie @ 406.855.0051 for Sales information or questions regarding payment.
Representative and Contact Number
Boe Robbie 406.855.0051

Kind and Sex
Cow Calf Pairs

Per Head

Approx Head Count

Approximate Shipping Date
Saturday, May 25, 2024

Breeds or Color Percentages
100% Red Angus

Frame Size
Medium Frame - Mature Cow WT 1275-1375

Flesh Condition


Mostly home-raised, few purchased from Beckton

Feed Program
Running out on grass, supplemented with hay until they move to pasture. Full mineral Pack

14 Miles North of Cody, WY

2-4 YOs

Readable Tattoo
100% Legible

Calving Dates
Mar 20-April 30

Breeding Stock Tags
Red Angus,3-4 YOs

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10 Red Angus Cow/Calf Pairs for Sale in Cody, Wyoming. These young cows with a long-time Beckton Red Angus genetic influence, ensuring high-quality maternal traits and a very gentle disposition well known in the Red Angus Breed. The calves were born from March 20 through April and are sired by Beckton bulls, continuing the strong genetic lineage.

Age Breakdown:

  • x3 4 YOs
  • x4 3 YOs
  • x8 First Calf Heifers

These cows are known for their moderate frame, good length, and depth, making them ideal for nearly any operation. They are selected for their ability to calve on their own, minimizing the need for intervention, and they have been bred for a calm and easy-to-handle temperament.

If you're looking to add reliable, well-bred pairs to your herd, these Red Angus cow/calf pairs are a great choice. Asking $3250 per pair

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