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Whitehall, MT - Cow Calf Pairs

This is the herd you want to own! Everything done right, turn-key program!

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Breed/Color: 100% Black Angus, 2 hd BWF
Approx Head Count: 43
Base Weight: 1375
Approx Shipping Date: Wednesday, April 20, 2022
Calving Dates: 35 Head born in March. 3 in Feb, 3 in Apr.
  • Final Price:  $1,525.00
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Livestock Payment Terms: Livestock Payments will be made in Escrow prior to shipping the livestock. Funds will be held in Escrow until after the Livestock are Shipped to the Buyer. Buyer has 24 Hours to Inspect Livestock before Funds are released to the Seller. Contact Boe Robbie @ 406.855.0051 for Sales information or questions regarding payment.

Efficiency is the best trait of our cattle.  These cattle average around 1,225 pounds and currently have about a 200 lb. calf on them.  On most years they will wean a calf exceeding 50% of their body weight.  We have an extensive AI program as we AI approximately 220 head of cattle per year using sires with the best maternal traits.  We purchase the best bulls we can afford stressing the importance of maternal characteristics. 

Calves all sired by Circle L Angus including sons from Circle L Gus;  Sitz Angus: Armstrong Angus and Paintrock Angus.

Nelson Spring Creek Ranch has been in business for 75 years. The carcass data we have received on the calves is very impressive as 65% have been rated Prime and 35% have been rated Choice Plus.

There are two cows that have white on their face from running Herefords in the 1980's.  Nelson Spring Creek Ranch has only used black Angus bulls since 2000.

We have a very thorough vaccine program.  At this point, these calves have not been vaccinated as they are not branded.  The cows received a shot of Ultrabac 8 and ScourBos before calving.  The cows and calves have not received their spring vaccines but this is negotiable.

Cows are fed approximately 30 lbs per day of high quality grass and alfalfa hay(copy of the hay test results are available)  They also have free choice of a custom made mineral manufactured by CHS.  Our goal is for the pairs to eat between 3 and 3.5 oz of mineral per day.  They are provided free choice EDDI Salt.  

Drought causing reductions at our grazing association.


Younger than 9 YOA - $1600

Older than 9 YOA - $1300

Avg = $1540

  • Representative and Contact Number Scott Robbie - 406.855.0534
  • Kind and Sex Cow Calf Pairs
  • Sell Per Head
  • Approx Head Count 43
  • Base Weight 1375
  • Net Weight 56,375
  • Approximate Shipping Date Wednesday, April 20, 2022
  • Breeds or Color Percentages 100% Black Angus, 2 hd BWF
  • Weighing Conditions Weighed at Buyer's Option, Weigh on the truck straight.
  • Frame Size Medium Frame - Mature Cow WT 1275-1375
  • Flesh Condition Medium
  • Quality Choice
  • Vaccinations Ultrabac 8 and ScourBos before calving
  • Origin 100% Home-Raised
  • Feed Program Running out, Fed Long Hay, Custom mineral pack & Free choice salt.
  • Location 16 miles from Whitehall, MT
  • Readable Tattoo 100% Legible
  • Calving Dates 35 Head born in March. 3 in Feb, 3 in Apr.
  • Breeding Method and Sires Natural Service Bred to Circle L Angus including sons from Circle L Gus; Sitz Angus: Armstrong Angus and Paintrock Angus.

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