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Outlook, MT - 7-8 YO Pairs

Age Dispersion Program Cows! Calf Carcass data available.

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Breed/Color: 3/8-1/2 SimAngus cows
Approx Head Count: 43
Base Weight: 1400
Approx Shipping Date: Thursday, June 9, 2022
Calving Dates: April 20-June 15
  • Final Price:  $1,550.00
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Payment Instructions
Livestock Payment Terms: Livestock Payments will be made in Escrow prior to shipping the livestock. Funds will be held in Escrow until after the Livestock are Shipped to the Buyer. Buyer has 24 Hours to Inspect Livestock before Funds are released to the Seller. Contact Boe Robbie @ 406.855.0051 for Sales information or questions regarding payment.
Approx Head Count

Approximate Shipping Date
Thursday, June 9, 2022

Base Weight

Breeding Method and Sires
Gateway Simmental - Sires include sons of GW Due North, GW, Jackpot, GW Breakthrough, GW Pendleton as well as Bar CK No Equal, Bar CK Tebow.

Breeds or Color Percentages
3/8-1/2 SimAngus cows

Calving Dates
April 20-June 15


Feed Program
These cows have been wintered on corn silage ration. They are in really good condition.

Flesh Condition

Frame Size
Medium Frame - Mature Cow WT 1275-1375

Kind and Sex
7-8 YO Bred Cows

Near Outlook, MT

Net Weight

100% Home-Raised

Pregnancy Check and Date
Preg Checked December 2021 - will be guaranteed before shiping


Readable Tattoo
100% Legible

Representative and Contact Number
Boe Robbie - 406.855.0051

Per Head

Fall breeding shots of MLV Bovisheild Gold FP5 VL5 Spring deworming with Safeguard

Weighing Conditions
Weighed at Buyer's Option, Weigh on the truck straight.

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Start Date
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Cows have been on a 45 day breeding season for 3 years.

These cows are NOT late. Our typical calving season is May 1- June 15.

We extended the season a bit last year due to drought and late season decline in grass value.

These cows have been wintered on corn silage ration. They are in really good condition.

Cows are sired by Gateway Simmental bulls. We have worked hard to maintain fairly moderate sized frame (4.5-5) and mature weights (ave 1260). Sires of this cow group include sons of GW Premium Beef, GW Predestined.

We focus on maternal genetics (mod milk, weaning, and CE). Also focus on high value carcass and feedlot performance. We have been feeding and retaining ownership of the calves through finish and have closeout information on request.

  • Last Year:
    • 90% of steers and heifers were Choice and above.
    • 98% YG 1-3. No outs.
    • Overall ADG (4 lbs, 184 days steers) and (3.2 heifers 190 days).
    • Steers averaged 1534 lbs, heifers averaged 1350.

Cows have been bred back to Gateway Simmental and Bar CK bulls. The sire groups have an average API of 170 and TI of 89.63. The average Doc. Score is also 14.78, CE of 16.17. We have very little calving trouble and rarely have to assist a cow. We do not check any cow, including heifers, after 10 pm weather permitting.

8yrs olds (39 hd)
7yrs old (9 hd)

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