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ConneXion is built for ranchers across the United States to effectively buy and sell bred stock. As a third party broker, we do much more than just list the cattle like a classified ad. Our team works closely with clients to ensure buyers have complete confidence in the cattle we sell by representing cattle right, thus adding value for sellers in a simple, stress-free platform. The Connexion team has been in the cattle business for over 30 years, having marketed over 85,000 head online. We look forward to working with you!
ConneXion offers you the easiest and most convenient cattle marketplace in the world! Our marketing services are set up bring buyers & sellers together and build confidence through our Online Sales Platform & Secure Escrow Payment process. We work hard to represent cattle accurately and provide detailed information to buyers in an easy-to-use, stress-free platform. You may choose to 'Buy Now' for the asking price or 'Make an Offer' in which we will help you to negotiate a price that works for everyone. Our guaranteed Escrow account ensures that sellers deliver cattle as represented!
Connexion Livestock's Brokers actively work with cattle producers across the US to market their Bred Cows, Heifers or Pairs. We combine the personal relationship and customer service of a local buyer with the Financial Security and National Marketing Power of a large company.
We offer much more than just a classified ad like you get on most sites. We help you to gather important information for buyers and guide you through the selling process. Our brokers will create your cattle listing on our Show List with YOUR asking price, and market them to our buyer network across the country. Brokers will communicate with buyers, field offers and negotiate on your behalf. Buyers may choose to 'Buy Now' for the asking price or they can 'Make an Offer' in which we will help you to negotiate a price that works for everyone. This gives you the flexibility to sell your cattle at any time, without the limitations, stress and risk of selling at an auction, in which you only get a few moments of exposure.
Connexion provides more value at less cost with commissions of only 2%-3% and only if we get a deal done for you! You've got nothing to lose! Your payment will be wired directly to you via our guaranteed Escrow Account. Don't take your chances selling cattle on facebook or through a classified ad, there's too much money at risk!
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Contact our Sales Manager Boe Robbie at 406.855.0051 if you have any questions about the cattle on this page or if you are interested in selling.

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